JOB OF THE MONTH 10-12-2016

Hi Everybody!! Here is a new commission that we are getting ready to install in a home in Hyde Park,Ohio. Hyde Park is a suburb of Cincinnati with very nice homes built in the early 1900’s. This window like all of the Stained Glass and Beveled windows we make start from concept. We were trying to make beveled panels that looked like they were original to the house. Like they were 100 years old and brand new all at the same time. The homeowner Jim and his Wife have been continuously restoring this house for over 10 years and now it is absolutely stunning. So this entryway is like the crowning jewel on the home! The pictures that we are posting now will show the windows from black and white patterns to completion. We are going to install these windows next week and I will add to the post when installed.

Thank You, Terry Byrne and the Staff at Classical Stained Glass


Awesome window installed in Norwood for Justin & Ashley

This window started from a concept. Make to look like it was original to the house. As you look at the pictures you will see the stages from Concept to being installed in the home. We draw every   pattern by Hand as you can see in the 1st pictures. Then the glass is chosen for just the right color combinations. Then the glass is hand assembled just the way it was hundreds of years ago. Then the glass is glazed and cleaned to make it waterproof and strong. Then we custom install in the owners home. Every detail is perfect! Let us put a work of art in your home! Contact Classical Stained Glass today!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          imag0250imag0253imag0254imag0271imag0272imag0301imag0302imag0303imag0305imag0315imag0316

Woodward High School

Restoring glass in The Woodward High School made in 1907. This Glass is from the East Entryway. We removed the glass at the end of May and have an august 1st deadline on installation. When we removed the glass panels from the metal sashes the panels literally collapsed onto the scaffolding. After years of bad repair jobs the glass was falling apart. After we are done restoring it it we be good as new again and last another 100 years. We are doing this job for Core Redevelopment in Cincinnati, Ohio and GRC Remodeling from Indianapolis, Indiana.