“WORK OF ART” for Carolynn and Graig !

Hi It’s Terry, Hope everybody is doing well. Here is a new commission from our friends Carolynn and Graig Owners of Best Furniture in Ft. Thomas Ky. As you can see no attention to detail has been missed. This is an absolutely Beautiful Window for their stair landing. What we were trying to do was recreate 1902. All of the glass for this projects was hand picked personally by myself. When I saw the sheets of glass for the field I knew they were the perfect match! We haven’t started cutting the glass yet so… I’m just taking pictures of the glass and pattern tonight. I will keep posting on this “WORK OF ART” until we have completed the commission. Well it’s the 22 of February And the Masterpiece has been installed!!! Here are some pictures of the Window!!!

Thanks to my devoted employees and to Graig and Carolynn for letting us make this awesome window for their home.