Stained Glass Classes

Hi Everybody, It’s Terry Byrne and I am the owner of Classical Stained Glass. We are very exited to announce Classes in Stained Glass!!!

Since taking over the business in June I have been thinking about doing this. So… starting February 1st we are going to be giving classes in the making of Stained Glass. There will be 3 different classes. Beginner, Intermediate and Artisan.

The Beginner class will be for anyone who has never worked with stained glass. You will be taught how to use a glass cutter and how to cut glass on a pattern. How to use copper foil and how to attach it to the glass. How to use a glass grinder. How to use a soldering iron. How to clean your glass and prepare it for patina and how to do a final cleaning so that your Stained Glass project will last a LIFETIME!!!! We will supply all tools, glass, solder, patterns, patina, table space and expertise to help you make your very 1st work of art in the Stained Glass Medium!!!  There will be 3 two hour classes every Wednesday for a total of 6 hours. You will be able to complete your work of art in just 6 hours. The price for the 6 hour class will be 125.00 per person and everything will be provided. All you have to do is show up and have a great time.

The Intermediate class will be for someone that has taken the Beginner class or for someone who has worked with the copper foil medium. To get into the Intermediate class you will have to know how to 1. cut glass on a pattern and 2. know how use copper foil. No Exceptions. Anybody that has not taken The Beginner class will have to do a couple of things for me to let me know you can handle the Intermediate Class. The price for The Intermediate Class is 200.00 per person and just like the Beginner Class everything will be provided for you to make it to the next level!!!

The Artisan Class will be a little different. This Class will be for anyone who has previously worked with stained glass and has completed the Beginner and Intermediate class, Or if you already have a few projects under your belt. I’ll have you do a couple of things for that will let me know if you are ready for the Artisan Class. The Artisan Class will not use copper foil but will use traditional Came Lead. So this will be a more complex class. It will be a 7 week class, 2 hours a night for 4 weeks. In this class we will still provide patterns. Or for the adventurous you can draw your own from scratch!!! This class will not be for the weak of heart. You will be expected to work very hard to finish your piece. We will teach you how to cut lead came correctly, how to glaze the window, how to clean the window and how to burnish and buff your window to a brilliant shine!! the class will be 275.00 per person and you will be expected to buy you own glass and Came Lead. We will sell glass and came lead by the pound. This will help give you a good idea of how much it costs to make Stained Glass. If by some reason you can’t finish your window. We will let you rent table time for 35.50 an hour so you can finish your project. By the time you finish this class you WILL Be a Stained Glass Artisan.