For Kay in Ft. Thomas Ky. New Window Looks Old!!!!

Here is what I like to do the most! New windows that look like they were made in 1913! This window has not been installed yet. It’s a Christmas Present!! It will be installed next week in Ft. Thomas Kentucky. New looks Antique!!! All of our patterns are hand drawn by us! You can see here the steps from start to finish. The last 6 pictures show the panel after cleaning and buffing. The detail in this window is remarkable. We are very proud of this window.

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Terry Byrne, Owner


3 thoughts on “For Kay in Ft. Thomas Ky. New Window Looks Old!!!!

  1. Thank you, Terry, for putting your heart and soul into making our stained glass window spectacular. The window makes us smile every time it greets us as we walk down our second floor steps. We are happy to honor the history of our home by restoring the window to a time-appropriate design. You are a gifted artist!

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